Cummings, Coronavirus, and Democracy post Brexit

Claire Fox, the former MEP and Director of the Institute of Ideas, joins Liam Deacon of Brexit-Watch to discuss the media’s reaction to Dominic Comming allegedly breaking lockdown, Coronavirus, and how Brexit can revive our democracy.

Don’t put democracy on lockdown

In The Municipal Journal, Claire Fox asks if it is undemocratic for local areas to introduce fundamental shifts in transport policy as ‘settled’ without a proper public discussion? The new COVID-19 Britain we’re all living in has undoubtedly revealed that there’s more ways to travel than public transport or driving. My sisters and I have … Read more

Sacred Reflections: Free-Thinking

Claire joins The Sacred Reflections podcast to speak about the importance of free-thinking at this time and how you can have different views to someone while still having something in common with them.

My fears about the ‘new normal’

Perhaps there’s light at the end of the long lockdown tunnel. The roadmap at least allows hope that life might get back to normal. For me, normal means freedom to live life as we choose, from cramming into packed planes to go on holiday to crowding into pubs for birthday parties. However, even saying that … Read more