Hiding behind the right to protest, trying to silence others

On Times Radio, Claire joined Emily Carver and Evening Edition guest host Darryl Morris to discuss attempts to disrupt Professor Kathleen Stock’s Oxford Union talk about gender identity, the demands for Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages to be handed to the official covid inquiry, and the popularity of Penny Mordant. Listen to the full programme on … Read more

The Age of Dangerous Ideas

Claire was invited to speak to Lee Hall for the British Thought Leaders series on NTD, a New York-based, global television network founded by Chinese Americans who fled communism. In Part 1, Claire talked about the Battle of Ideas Festival, encouraging debate in the younger generation, and the importance of free speech. In Part 2 … Read more

Coronation arrests and encryption crackdown

Claire disagreed with Talk TV host Mike Graham about the arrests of Republican protestors during the Coronation: “They turned up to do what they’d agree with the police and they were arrested. You can’t have that.” They went on to discuss the fightback by providers of encrypted messaging apps against the Online Safety Bill.

A ‘Trans’ Paedophile Stole My Name

“Identity-theft scams are unpleasant at the best of times. But when the government embraces the tenets of gender ideology, identity theft can be used as a cover for abuse—as I recently learned when a convicted pedophile ripped off my name. Last week, British newspapers reported that a convicted incestuous pedophile, about to be released from … Read more