Live with Littlewood

Claire joined Mark Littlewood of the Institute of Economic Affairs and commentators Alex Deane, Daniel Lacalle, Joanna Williams and Victoria Hewson to discuss the post-Covid global treaty, lifestyle paternalism and covid, immunity IDs, and the Batley Grammar School controversy. Claire joins the discussion at 18 minutes in.

Question Time, 25th March 2021

Claire and fellow panellists Andrew RT Davies, Vaughan Gething, Adam Price, and Nigel Owens discussed questions from a virtual Cardiff audience about holidays during the pandemic, vaccine nationalism, pay rises for Welsh NHS staff, the lowering of the age of voting and proposals to fly the Union Jack on all government buildings. Watch the programme … Read more

In support of women’s refuges

Writing in The MJ, Claire warns that proposed legislation to help councils protect women facing domestic violence could end up with unintended consequences… The brutal and tragic murder of Sarah Everard has started a national conversation on violence against women. Some of this seems overblown and teeters on scaremongering. I do not recognise this picture … Read more

Owen Jones meets Claire Fox

Claire was interviewed by columnist and activist Owen Jones for his podcast. They discussed the reasons she joined the Brexit Party, what free speech really means, and Claire’s views on the current Tory and Labour party leaders.