An illusion of the historical past

Claire joined Kellie-Jay Keen, host of the Woman by Definition podcast to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic, Brexit and her experience as a Member of the European Parliament, and the wider discussion surrounding transgenderism and mental health.

From Statues to Comedy Shows, is Britain in a Full-Blown Culture War?

Claire Fox joins Peter Whittle (New Culture Forum) and guests to tackle the eruption of controversy and revisionism in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Is Britain now engaged in a full-blown culture war and what is the end result likely to be? Are today’s youth being failed by schools & universities or are they … Read more

Is toppling a statue an act of performance art?

Has the statue of Churchill been improved by being enclosed in a protective casing? Was Colston’s toppling one of the greatest acts of performance art? Or is this all a sad indictment of the state of British politics? Fraser Nelson talks to The Spectator’s arts editor Igor Toronyi-Lalic and Coffee House contributor and writer Claire … Read more

Inflamer Media: Interview with Claire Fox

Claire joined Jack Anderton of Inflamer Media to discuss Catholicism, mental health, her experiences with the media, a post Coronavirus future, why she thinks the Labour Party is finished and her childhood. The accompanying article can be read here.

Instincts can serve us well in negotiating real-life risk we all encounter

Following formal procedures is never enough, and becoming dependent on centralised rules can even be a hindrance argues Claire Fox in Westmonster. How are you getting on now that there’s slightly fewer lockdown restrictions? Are you coping with negotiating who you invite over to your garden or how far you sit away from extended family … Read more