TEDx: How offence culture stifles progress

Jess Butcher interviews Claire Fox about her book ‘I Find that Offensive’, exploring whether offence culture has become the dominant ideology of modern society and the damaging effects it has on debate, intellectual progress, and mental resilience.

Are schools producing Generation Snowflake

Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, Claire joins other speakers for a discussion on whether Schools are producing Generation Snowflake? The discussion centred around the thesis of Claire’s book ‘I Find That Offensive!’ which argued that British schools are socialising students into a mindset of hypersensitivity and victimhood.

Too many people go to university

Claire spoke for the motion ‘Too many people go to university’ in this Intelligence Squared debate chaired by Sir Clement Freud in 2007, and argued that the rapid expansion of universities has led to credentialism and grade inflation rather than a renaissance of knowledge. Also taking part in the debate: Anatole Kaletsky, Jenna Nicholas, Baroness … Read more