Staying at home doesn’t make us heroes

I don’t particularly like the constant war analogies used about fighting coronavirus. However, when someone like Matt Hancock conjures up the Blitz spirit, urging us to pull together ‘in one gigantic national effort’, I think of that cliched question: ‘What did you do in the war, Daddy?’ Forget the sexism, what will our answer be to future … Read more

Let’s hear it for our invisible frontline workers

In The Municipal Journal, Claire Fox says we can reflect on what kind of a changed world we want to inhabit after the pandemic and commit to embracing some lessons moving forward. Is everything up for grabs in a post-coronavirus world? Perhaps because we are all desperate to find upsides to this grim period, many … Read more

This is no time for ‘gotcha!’ journalism

In The Spectator, Claire Fox argues that rather than trying to catch the government out, the media should treat its audience with the deference it deserves and truly scrutinise the government’s strategy. The lockdown has ensured that many millions now gather round the TV and watch the daily press conference from No.10. We hang on … Read more

Has the Feminist Civil War alienated women?

Claire Fox joins Emily Carver, Lionel Shriver and Ella Whelan on The New Culture Forum hosted by Marc Sidwell to discuss the current internal struggle within the Feminist movement between traditional and progressive feminists, and whether the current 4th wave of Feminism infantilises women?