Is Free Speech “Bonkers?”

Claire joined Irish documentary filmmakers and authors Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer for The Ann and Phelim Scoop podcast. Topics discussed include Prince Harry’s views on the First Amendment, shifts in the political landscape in the UK after the recent local elections and the effects of lockdown on the public sphere. demobilising the public

Claire on The Alex Salmond Show

Claire spoke to the leader of the Alba Party and former first minister of Scotland about Labour’s performance in the local government elections, whether the SNP has a mandate for independence, life in the Lords and the future of the Tory party.

Democracy is back – but we must do more to be in rude health

Writing for Brexit Watch, Claire reflects on the recent local election results… ‘…this election has also shown that politics is starting to become more than Covid-focused, a relief after so long being told that was all that mattered. Labour’s long-standing disdain for working-class people, its putative base – as exemplified by its attitude to Brexit … Read more

Claire on levelling up

Claire called into talkRADIO this morning to discuss the appointment of MP Neil O’Brien as government ‘levelling up advisor’, the way accusations of ‘covid denial’ have fuelled conspiracy theories, police overreach and the arrest of a street preacher in Uxbridge, and the need for courage and bold thinking as we come out of lockdown.

Claire in Bolton

On Saturday Claire visited Bolton, the largest town in England, and spoke to locals Trevor Jones and Nick Buckley about what they hope to achieve by standing as independent candidates in the forthcoming local elections. Back at the Stockport Changing Politics for Good conference in February 2020, Trevor told Claire that he intended to set … Read more