‘Let’s be honest with our voters at home. This process is a sham.’

In a short speech to the European Parliament, Claire slammed the undemocratic nature of the way in which the new Commission was rubber-stamped. ‘It was my first time speaking in front of a full chamber’, Claire told Brexit Facts4EU.Org, ‘and given the occasion of the Commission’s vote, I think the parliament were expecting a more … Read more

‘This becomes advocacy and propaganda rather than science’

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 28 November, Claire comments on her decision to vote against the EU’s climate emergency motion. She criticises the hyped-up alarmist climate propaganda as anti-science scaremongering being used to terrifying young children into believing the world is on the brink of destruction. She finishes by calling for the climate … Read more

‘It is an assault on each and every voter’

On 28 November in the European Parliament at Strasbourg, Claire justifies her decision to vote against the election of new Commission on the ground that their election is a misnomer and a sham, since they were not accountable to the electorate of Europe. She argues the whole process is an attack on the very concept … Read more

Labour racism, commission elections and the Left Case for Sovereignty

Claire reports from Strasbourg on the events of the week – from the election of the Commission and the EU’s decision to file legal proceedings against the UK for not nominating a Commissioner, to the anti-Semitism scandal engulfing Labour. Claire also announces the launch of her and fellow Leftixeer MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen’s new book, Reclaiming … Read more

Democracy and freedom are worth fighting for and should be celebrated

On the 25 November, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Claire congratulated the momentous victory of the pro-democracy faction in the recent Hong Kong elections, particularly after they endured violence at the hands of the Chinese government when they took to the streets in defence of their liberty. She applauds them as an inspiration to … Read more

More information is better

In her column for MJ, Claire argues that one thing canvassers might remember is that voters are free-thinking individuals who can change our minds if we hear a better argument. We know political parties are interested in spinning their own messages but, dare I say it, some are playing more fast and loose with the … Read more

The Brexit disruptors

In a new short film made by the Financial Times, Claire is featured as one of a group of people that are shaking up British politics. ‘Brexit has thrown it all up in the air because that went beyond left and right and the political parties haven’t known how to react to a major political … Read more

Talking Brexit and more on Quays TV show, The Debate

Claire took part in a new show, The Debate, produced by students at the University of Salford. The first topic was Brexit and Claire pointed out how, quite to the astonishment of many politicians who were worried about a low turnout, voters in the EU referendum were engaged and took the issue very seriously. Whatever … Read more

The future of democracy in the UK

Claire addresses The Brexit Party rally in Peterborough on 19th November. She talks about the need for a true clean Brexit to be delivered along with radical democratic reform to ensure the establishment cannot try to silence the people again. You can find more videos of Claire on The Leftie Brexiteers YouTube channel she shares … Read more