Claire Fox: leaked government papers are scaremongering

Claire Fox appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Labour peer and prominent Remain campaigner Andrew Adonis to respond to the leak of papers from ‘Operation Yellowhammer’, an internal government process to plan for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Claire argued that claims of medicine shortages, paralysis of trade and problems getting in and out of … Read more

It would be foolish to take Boris’s Brexit promises at face value

“As the by-election result came through from Wales last week, one Tory Leaver tweeted this: “Brecon and Radnor is a timely warning to Brexiteers. Vote for the @brexitparty_uk and you will hand another seat to Remain. How could you be so stupid?”.  So stupid? The nerve, when after all, it was the Brexit party that resuscitated … Read more