Meet the secret Brexiteers

“Much has been made of the Brexit Party’s insurgency amongst people in Leave-voting communities, who have been subject to disparaging and patronising establishment contempt ever since they dared to vote the ‘wrong’ way in the EU referendum. But far less attention is given to the minority of Leave voters who work and live in the … Read more

Tysky Sour: The Brexit Party: WTF?

Claire joins Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker for Novara Media’s ‘Tysky Sour’ podcast to talk about her journey from Revolutionary Communist Party to Brexit Party, and whether as a left-winger her decision to join amounts to essentially whitewashing Nigel Farage.

David Lammy inspired me to stand for the Brexit Party

“I am standing as Brexit Party candidate in the forthcoming EU elections. The response of voters so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Phew. Here’s a chance to demonstrate that the shambles that parliament has made of delivering on a referendum mandate will be challenged by a democratic fightback. It really is exciting. But, I admit, … Read more