On reopening UK schools and universities

David Atkins interviews Claire to discuss the government’s to reopen schools, the crisis facing universities, as well as the importance of children physically taking exams as a right of passage in response to the grading fiasco.

The future of identity politics

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader William Clouston hosts Claire to discuss the nature of the free speech crisis in British public life, the prognosis for identity politics, and what Brexit may look like from an economically left-leaning perspective.

Unleash freedom, not fears

As local lockdowns become more common, Claire Fox in The Municipal Journal warns against the use of draconian measures – keeping everyone working from home may not be the best option. Local lockdowns are the new normal it seems. The most recent placed restrictions on millions of people living in the North West. The media … Read more

Brexiteer Fox to the Lords

Claire joins Michael Heaver of Westmonster to discuss her nomination for a peerage, her mixed feelings about going to the House of Lords, and what she hopes to achieve once a member.