CP4G Conference

The Changing Politics for Good #CP4G conference was hosted by former Brexit Party MEPs for the North West, Claire Fox and Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen. It took place in Stockport on 29th February 2020.  The aim of the conference was to discuss the contemporary issues we face, as a nation, in the regions, and in our communities … Read more

What a real public-health crisis looks like

Claire joins Chris Snowdon and Tom Slater for Spiked’s Last Orders podcast to discuss the coronavirus, the government’s handling of the crisis, and whether they made the correct decision in u-turning its approach by imposing a lockdown.

Coronavirus: The lockdown and legislation – is it enough?

Adam Boulton is by joined Claire Fox and Tamara Cohen to discuss the Prime Minister’s big announcement of a near-total lockdown as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak, but is the messaging getting through and has the government got it right so far? They examine the emergency legislation rushed through parliament to enforce government measures … Read more

Who can you trust?

The cost of politicising expertise and crying wolf for years is that sooner or later a real wolf emerges, argues Claire Fox in The Municipal Journal. Debates about experts are back. With an official pandemic to deal with, we’re all hanging on every word from the chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, and the chief scientific … Read more