Fall Of The Red Wall: How Labour Lost Its Heartlands

Claire was a contributor to this documentary for Darren Grimes’s Reasoned channel, and spoke about how our political elites on both left and right often misjudge the electorate’s views on issues such as the environment, the Culture Wars, and ‘levelling up’. Claire appears at 14 minutes and 24 minutes in.

Why choice is crucial

Writing in The MJ, Claire worries that making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for those working in a Care Quality Commission-registered care home in England is illiberal… When the Government recently announced that it is to make COVID vaccination a condition of employment for anyone working in a Care Quality Commission-registered care home in England, I was … Read more

Boris’s miners joke reveals his contempt for the working class

Writing in The Spectator, Claire takes issues with Boris Johnson’s comments about the miners’ strike… In March this year, 35 years to the month since the end of the miners’ strike, environmentalists were caught dressing up as miners. Their media stunt was intended to protest against a proposed expansion to the Bradley coal mine in … Read more