Tonight with Andrew Marr

Claire joined Marr and documentary maker Michael Cockerell to discuss Boris Johnson’s final appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions, his appointment of Claire and others to the Lords, and his squandering of the ‘Brexit energy’ that got him elected. Watch the discussion on LBC’s site. Claire appears at 46 mins in.

John Anderson Direct

Claire was interviewed by political commentator John Anderson, a sixth-generation farmer and grazier who spent 19 years in the Australian Parliament. They discussed British politics and society in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s resignation, touching upon free speech, the power of bureaucracy, the green movement and cultural pessimism, among others. Listen here.

Plank Of The Week with Mike Graham

Claire, Will Geddes and Mike Graham picked their Plank Of The Week. Their nominations were Nish Kumar, Jolyon Maugham, Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt, Bernie Ecclestone, Gary Lineker, the UK Health Security Agency, the BBC and ASLEF.