BBC Radio 4: Do we need to learn to live with more risk?

Claire joins host Anne McElvoy alongside other guest ex-Justice Secretary David Gauke, to debate whether we need to learn to live with more risk. As risk takes on greater significance within Government, Claire argues that we need to view risk as a core component of freedom as it is embedded in all the decisions we … Read more

Unlocked: Are we teaching our school children to be racist?

Claire joined James Lindsey, founder of New Discourses, and Calvin Robinson, education specialist, for an Unlocked-Education special on whether we are are teaching our children to be racist, with the thrust of the discussion focusing on Critical Theory and its prevalence within the British school system.

Balancing the risks

Councils should ‘stop shaping all policies based on counting COVID cases and need to start balancing risks across a broader spectrum’, writes Claire Fox in the Municipal Journal It’s the first anniversary of my mother’s death. She died last October, aged 92. I spent hours with her the day before she died, in a nursing … Read more

Politics Live: University Lockdown and Trump’s tax returns

Claire joined presenter Jo Coburn and guests Owen Jones, Tory MP Henry Smith and Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh to discuss the decision to lockdown universities to halt and spread of Coronavirus, as well as the breaking story that Donald Trump had only paid $750 in income tax and how this would affect his re-election chances. … Read more

A question of equality

Councils should ‘be consciously biased against those who refuse to see us as individuals beyond our skin colour’, argues Claire Fox in the Municipal Journal Dear councils, I am here to encourage you to rebel. You have a long tradition of rejecting the way things are done in Westminster, so I am hoping you will … Read more

How to disagree, with…Claire Fox

Claire Fox spoke to the Campaign for Common Sense on her experience in student politics and the role of universities, cancel culture and the dangers to free speech, along with her attitude towards reform of the House of Lords despite being nominated for a peerage.

‘Beware of nihilistic anti-freedom forces in our midst today’

Claire joins Ian Collins of TalkRadio to discuss the growing tendency towards censorship. She highlights the Charlie Hebdo shooting as an example of when the phrase ‘I find that offensive’ led to a brutal murder, and re-affirms the importance of people being able to make fun of institutions of all flavour.

On reopening UK schools and universities

David Atkins interviews Claire to discuss the government’s to reopen schools, the crisis facing universities, as well as the importance of children physically taking exams as a right of passage in response to the grading fiasco.

The future of identity politics

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader William Clouston hosts Claire to discuss the nature of the free speech crisis in British public life, the prognosis for identity politics, and what Brexit may look like from an economically left-leaning perspective.