Don’t expect the EU to learn any lessons from Brexit

Claire wrote for the Spectator on her experiences of being a member of the European Parliament. She explains how the parliament doesn’t even provide a vehicle to discuss the EU’s problems and potential solutions because it is such a bureaucratic stitch-up. She argues that the EU doesn’t look like it will act to deal with … Read more

Doing politics differently post-Brexit

In her column for MJ, Claire explains the reasons behind her forthcoming conference and why changing politics for good would be a Brexit dividend for everyone. Phew. I’m glad that is over. I am no longer an MEP. Returning from Brussels post-Brexit is a joy. After all, the only reason I stood as an elected … Read more

Cross Question, 5th February 2020

Claire joined Iain Dale in the studio along with Jack Dromey, Peter Bone and Jemma Forte, and discussed listeners’ questions about Anne Sacoolas’s diplomatic immunity, bare shoulders in the House of Commons, privatising the BBC, the Downing Street lobby journalists walkout, and the worst things the panel have ever forgotten.

Statement: Ending my time as an MEP

As a now-former Member of the European Parliament for North West England, I would like to thank everyone for the support they given us over the past year. I stood for election at a time when it looked like the Leave vote of June 2016 was going to be overturned, or at least substantially watered … Read more