Elitism at the Foreign Office?

“We are going through challenging times in terms of international relations, so it would be fantastic if former mandarins would put their minds to thinking about foreign policy, but instead we have a shallow and superficial demand for a rupture from the past.” Claire spoke to Michael Portillo about calls by former civil servants and … Read more

Planet Normal: The case of the Cass Report

Claire was guest ‘co-pilot’ of The Telegraph‘s Planet Normal podcast alongside regular presenter Liam Halligan. They discussed the Cass Report into children’s gender care, the prospects of the major political parties at the forthcoming general election, life inside the House of Lords, and listeners’ emails.

Free expression has reached a ‘very fragile moment’ in the UK

Scottish police have been inundated with reports since the country’s controversial hate crime act went into effect last week, overwhelming the system to an extent that could render law enforcement unable to address small crimes. Claire spoke about this to Fox News: “If you look historically at the last 20 years, it’s actually largely been … Read more

The Evening Edition, 2nd April 2024

“I don’t think the police should be the people who decide what we are allowed to say.” On Times Radio’s Evening Edition, Claire discussed the day’s news with Rosie Wright and Times leader writer Michael Binyon. Stories covered: JK Rowling’s tweets describing several transgender women as men on the day the Hate Crime and Public … Read more

Times Radio paper review, 1st April 2024

Claire joined Rosie Wright, James Hanson and writer Nels Abbey to discuss the breakfast headlines. Stories discussed include a proposed referendum for cutting immigration, clampdowns on anti-social behaviour, calls to decriminalise cannabis, and the panel’s favourite/least favourite railway stations. Listen to the full programme on the Times Radio website.