Xmas lockdown?

Claire spoke to GB News’ Darren McCaffrey about Lord Frost’s resignation and the propspect of further covid restrictions after Christmas… “We’ve got to be careful, when you say ‘it’s too late’, it all sounds very scary but actually, the data and evidence is not there to suggest that we need to overreact or panic.”

Kill the bill: why Boris’s crime law isn’t fit for purpose

“The Tories clearly want to appear tough on crime but criminalising people who wish to vent their unhappiness in a democracy isn’t the way to do so. After all, if there is a crime crisis, it is surely because pre-existing laws aren’t being properly enforced. Coppers seem more interested in scouring Twitter for alleged hate speech … Read more

Democracy: freedom or tyranny?

Claire took part in an online panel debate at the IAI’s festival, HowTheLightGetsIn. Should we try and admit that there is some sort of hypocrisy inherent in liberal democracy as it does not always give a voice to all? Can and should we change our political system so that it represents the entire spectrum of … Read more