Politics Live 20th April 2023

Claire appeared on BBC’s Politics Live with Jake Berry, James Murray and Munira Wilson and host Jo Coburn. The panel discussed the report into alleged bullying by Dominic Raab, the Illegal Migration Bill, claims that the logos of Manchester football clubs are linked to the slave trade, and the failure of successive governments to tackle … Read more

Claire at Nick Talks in Manchester

Claire was invited by Nick Buckley MBE to talk to an audience in Manchester. Topics discussed include anti-democratic shifts in political language, the Public Order Bill and the right to protest, the Online Safety Bill and the capacity of the British state to make laws, and how not to be dispirited by the state of … Read more

“I was deplatformed for retweeting Ricky Gervais”

Claire returned to the New Culture Forum and spoke to Peter Whittle about her recent deplatforming and Royal Holloway University, where she was disinvited by the debating society following pressure from the Student Union. Also discussed was new government legislation intended to protect campus free speech and how Government ministers have attempted to water it … Read more