From Bolshevik to Brexiteer? Claire on changing your mind

Claire was a guest on sociologist Dr Ashley Frawley’s Based AF YouTube channel where she discussed whether she really has charted a confusing political trajectory or if it’s the world that’s gone off course. They also discussed free speech, her thoughts on Israel-Palestine, and her history of activism in relation to anti-imperialism.

Dewbs & Co, Monday 20th May 2024

“One of the things the Cass review said is that people are frightened to speak up because they’re worried they’re going to lose their jobs, That atmosphere still exists. Anyone who wants to speak out will pay the price for it. And there’s then a contempt for the public who are the victims of these … Read more

IPP: “No government will be able to avoid dealing with this scandalous injustice.”

Claire was quoted in an Independent feature about measures to help prisoners who are languishing in jail under unjust indeterminate sentences. “Baroness Fox, whose amendment calling for IPP prisoners to be resentenced was dropped due to lack of support from both Labour and Conservatives, called for the government to return to the issue of resentencing … Read more

Does the UK have too many laws?

“The state is saying you have got the wrong emotional response and we as the state can have the power to criminalise that and take away your liberty.” Claire and Toby Young spoke to Spectator TV’s John Connolly about petty prohibitions and thought crimes.

Claire on Operation Early Dawn

On Mike Graham’s talkTV show, Claire criticised emergency measures to deal with prison overcrowding and discussed the ongoing Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) scandal. “A lot of prison officers and ex-prisoners are common sense types… stop talking to NGOs and stakeholders… talk to some normal people and I bet you’d solve some of this.”

The Evening Edition, 13th May 2025

“Rishi Sunak’s trying to say that Keir Starmer is not reliable because he flip flops and he doesn’t believe in anything, and all that you think when you listen to Rishi Sunak is neither do you.” Claire joined Times columnist Gerry Baker and Evening Edition presenter Kait Borsay discussed Rishi Sunak’s latest political relaunch, Donald … Read more

Mike Graham, 2nd May 2024

On Mike Graham’s new talkTV breakfast show, Claire discussed the civil service union’s legal challenge to the Rwanda plan, the murder of a 14-year old in Hainault, the Ireland migrant crisis, UCLA anti-war riots, the policeman charged with terror offences for sending pro-Hamas tweets, and threats by Sting and Stephen Fry to quit The Garrick … Read more

Cross Question, 1st May 2024

Claire appeared on LBC’s Cross Question with presenter Iain Dale, Conservative MP David Simmonds, comedian and journalist Ava Vidal and Labour MP Sam Tarry. The panel discussed audience questions on the ‘shameful performance cruelty’ of a Home Office video about migrant detentions, the anti-war campus protests in the United States, G7 support for Israel, Labour’s … Read more

Prisoners of politics

“When confronted with the facts, the British public are always repulsed by miscarriages of justice. They believe in fair play. Let’s not wait for an ITV drama to do the right thing.” Claire spoke to investigative reporter Sam Asumadu about the ongoing IPP scandal in episode 11 of the podcast series Trapped: The IPP Prisoner … Read more

Elitism at the Foreign Office?

“We are going through challenging times in terms of international relations, so it would be fantastic if former mandarins would put their minds to thinking about foreign policy, but instead we have a shallow and superficial demand for a rupture from the past.” Claire spoke to Michael Portillo about calls by former civil servants and … Read more