BBC Woman’s Hour on Brexit

Claire discussed Brexit with Jane Garvey, making the point that the central issue was democracy, rather than whether the economy might or might not suffer as a result of leaving the EU. She criticised the idea that Leavers didn’t know what they were voting for and stressed the importance of honouring the referendum result.

She was delighted to receive messages of support from listeners afterwards.

Hi Claire, it was really great to hear you talking on the Brexit subject on Woman’s Hour today… We just never hear enough sensible, balanced perspectives such as yours and see how Jane hectored you for it. People only every talk about the short-term costs of Brexit, never the risk of long term being part of the EU. I could go on and on… and I voted to remain in the end… it was a difficult choice, and I think partly in the end I was frightened by leaving, but my heart is definitely with a sovereign UK, and I am very concerned about how this democratic collapse has played out. It’s one person, one vote. If you have a referendum, you have to deliver the result.
Dr Alan Smith, Norfolk

Dear Claire, I have just listened to your interview with Jane Garvey on Woman’s Hour. Rather than just shout at the radio, I am writing to thank you for pointing out that Brexit is to many of us who voted for it primarily an issue of democracy and accountability and not economics. I couldn’t agree more, and one of the interviewees who preceded you made exactly that point. Best regards,
Kay, London

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