Boris’s ‘oven-ready’ Brexit deal isn’t what all Leave voters want

Claire has an article in the Spectator on why voting Conservative isn’t necessarily the answer for many Brexit voters.

Whatever the results on Thursday, there have been aspects of this election campaign not revealed by polling. My experience of speaking and campaigning in my MEP patch in the North West has been revelatory. I am in awe of a layer of new activists who have been inspired to want more fundamental change than that offered by the establishment parties. Many are new to politics, have found their voice and have discovered the power of being actively engaged. It reminds me of a far earlier experience of the miners’ strike, when miners’ wives groups sprang up nationally and formidable women started to take control. 

It’s exhilarating to be with people for whom politics might mean a fresh reboot of democracy; I have been humbled by their energy and hard work. But I won’t lie to you: it is not easy being a Brexit party representative in this election. 

There is no soft-soaping the painful quandary this election is for many Leave voters, largely because many are in a predicament, scared of splitting the Leave vote.

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