David Lammy inspired me to stand for the Brexit Party

“I am standing as Brexit Party candidate in the forthcoming EU elections. The response of voters so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Phew. Here’s a chance to demonstrate that the shambles that parliament has made of delivering on a referendum mandate will be challenged by a democratic fightback. It really is exciting. But, I admit, deciding to stand was rather more nerve wracking, and sent shockwaves among my peers.  

“Why on earth rock the boat, it could ruin your life and career?”. Just one of the incredulous warning notes sent to me when a friend heard I was considering standing. I certainly had doubts about throwing my hat in the electoral ring. I love my work at the Academy of Ideas, creating a public space for ideas to be contested without restraint and interrogating orthodoxies. I have secured regular appearances in print and on the broadcast media, most precious of which is my regular slot as a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze; and I regularly speak to sixth-formers and student groups on everything from free speech to education policy. I feel privileged to have such platforms. Why jeopardise all that to stand in an election I hoped would never take place, for a parliament I believe is toothless and undemocratic? I genuinely agonised about whether to stand, but three specific incidents made me do it.

It was Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy who finally pushed me over the edge…”

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