GOOD BREXIT NEWS: UK working hours are amongst the lowest in the EU

Claire is quoted in this article by Facts4EU, which uses EU Commission figures to show that workers across Europe often work much longer hours than those in the UK.

Claire told Facts4EU:

“One of the most galling aspects of the argument that we should leave the EU, were so many faux friends of workers’ rights who falsely claimed that without the protection of Brussels, British workers would be exploited, forced to work unreasonable hours, underpaid and so on.

“How ironic then that despite the slander that the UK is dependent on the EU to guarantee workers’ rights, existing rights in many areas already exceed the rights the EU offers. Facts do matter and here is proof that these rights have been secured by British workers themselves, negotiated with employers independently, rather than due to a set of top-down, one-size-fits-all regulations and diktats from bureaucrats in Brussels.

“Workers’ rights are never guaranteed but constantly need to be fought for and guarded, as well as often improved. But as this new information tells us, workers’ rights are determined nationally and many in EU members states are often not receiving the protection they should be entitled to.”

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