RSE lesson content – Why parents should get to see the resources teachers are using

Curriculum changes now require staff to teach sensitive topics outside of their expertise, prompting some to turn to external agencies for resources and materials – which is why it’s only right that parents get to see what those lessons involve, asserts Claire in Teach Secondary magazine…

“If you’d told me 10 years ago that in 2022 there would be angry protesters clashing outside toddlers’ reading sessions because ‘Rhyme Time’ was being replaced with ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’, I’d have thought it a preposterous fiction.

Likewise, I could never imagine that teaching primary school children about pronouns wouldn’t necessarily refer to grammar lessons, but instead to gendered language and that refusing to use the singular ‘they/them’ in a classroom could be called a hate crime

And yet here we are, with schools having now taken centre stage in the Culture Wars – something that’s seemingly happened inadvertently, under the auspices of making the curriculum conform to diversity norms. And the trend is unhelpfully pitting teachers against parents…”

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