Claire’s final ‘Au Revoir’

In her penultimate speech at the European Parliament in Brussels, 30th January, Claire expressed warm sentiments to her fellow European colleagues light-heartedly saying that this was not goodbye not in fact ‘au revoir’. She said that this was not because we would be re-joining but actually because we would continue to remain friends and enjoy … Read more

The ‘Union Jack issue’ and my time as an MEP

In a final blog post as an MEP for UK in a Changing Europe, Claire discussed her changing attitude to the Union Jack – and the hatred of nationalism and nationalist symbols within the EU. “I am not your average Union Jack waver: raised in Wales, second generation Irish, politically anti-imperialist. It has taken some … Read more

RTÉ – Brexit Republic extra episode with Claire Fox

During Claire’s recent trip to Dublin, Claire joined Colm Ó Mongáin for an extra episode of the Brexit Republic podcast. She spoke about how legislation from the EU represents less a foreign imposition, but more the political elites implementing policy whilst bypassing the scrutiny of their own parliament and nation. Claire praised the energy of … Read more

The Article 7 witch-hunt against Hungary

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 15 January, Claire spoke on the parliament’s debate on whether to penalise Hungary under the rules of Article 7. She began by paying tribute to Roger Scruton, who recently passed, praising his courage in assisting Eastern Europe in their struggle against authoritarian communism. Claire said that these nations … Read more

Explanation of vote – Article 7(1) proceedings against Hungary and Poland

During the explanation of her vote at Strasbourg, 16th January, Claire explained her decision to vote against the Parliament’s Article 7 proceedings against Hungary and Poland. She rejected the motion as a bullying weapon in defiance of the Polish and Hungarian voters, condemning the parliament for themselves failing to live up to European values, particularly … Read more

Explanation of vote – Conference on the Future of Europe

At the Strasbourg parliament, 16th January, Claire explained her decision to abstain on the motion on the Conference on the Future of Europe. She explained that as the director of the Academy of Ideas, she has always sought to champion public debate and civil engagement in politics. However, the motion sought to use citizen participation … Read more

Future of Europe: the EU needs to listen to its citizens

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 15 January, Claire commented on the EU Future of Europe initiative to develop the policy goals of the next legislature. She criticised the use of faux-democratic citizen assemblies, arguing that these were self-serving gimmicks and that if the EU was truly interested in the opinions of its citizens … Read more

Explanation of vote: citizen rights settlement the unfair burden on the UK government

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 15 January, Claire spoke about the EU-UK arrangements on citizens’ rights. Although she welcomed the fact that both sides had reached am amicable arrangement that protects all citizens, she opted to vote against it. Claire explained that the decision to include an article on EU citizens self-declaring their … Read more

Reflections on the final Strasbourg session: thank god we are leaving!

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 14 January, Claire reflects on her final Strasbourg session and the fact that there is now acceptance among European MEPs that we will indeed be leaving. She spoke about the end of mandate meeting and the hostile atmosphere between UK MEPs at the meeting, as well as the … Read more