A year on from Changing Politics for Good

On 29th February 2020, several hundred democrats came together in a Stockport conference centre to discuss how to build on the radical promise of Brexit. Changing Politics For Good: What Next? was organised by Claire Fox and fellow Brexit Party MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen. While campaigning to defend Brexit they had noticed that the phrase ‘Change … Read more

CP4G Conference

The Changing Politics for Good #CP4G conference was hosted by former Brexit Party MEPs for the North West, Claire Fox and Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen. It took place in Stockport on 29th February 2020.  The aim of the conference was to discuss the contemporary issues we face, as a nation, in the regions, and in our communities … Read more

Statement: Ending my time as an MEP

As a now-former Member of the European Parliament for North West England, I would like to thank everyone for the support they given us over the past year. I stood for election at a time when it looked like the Leave vote of June 2016 was going to be overturned, or at least substantially watered … Read more

Reflections on the final Strasbourg session: thank god we are leaving!

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 14 January, Claire reflects on her final Strasbourg session and the fact that there is now acceptance among European MEPs that we will indeed be leaving. She spoke about the end of mandate meeting and the hostile atmosphere between UK MEPs at the meeting, as well as the … Read more

The hypocrisy of the 10th anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday 18 December, Claire Fox discusses the EU’s commemorations of the 10th Anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty. She reflects on the events in the chamber and the self-congratulatory tone that many of the speeches took in relation to the anniversary, as well as the fact that many nations … Read more

Buckley homecoming rally: the failure of the two main parties in Wales

Claire addressed her hometown of Buckley, North Wales, for a Brexit Party Rally on Monday 2 December. She recalls her fond memories growing up there, as well as her first experience of political betrayal at the hands of the Labour. Claire lambasts the arrogance of the Labour party for their patronising treatment of the Welsh … Read more

Labour racism, commission elections and the Left Case for Sovereignty

Claire reports from Strasbourg on the events of the week – from the election of the Commission and the EU’s decision to file legal proceedings against the UK for not nominating a Commissioner, to the anti-Semitism scandal engulfing Labour. Claire also announces the launch of her and fellow Leftixeer MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen’s new book, Reclaiming … Read more

The future of democracy in the UK

Claire addresses The Brexit Party rally in Peterborough on 19th November. She talks about the need for a true clean Brexit to be delivered along with radical democratic reform to ensure the establishment cannot try to silence the people again. You can find more videos of Claire on The Leftie Brexiteers YouTube channel she shares … Read more

The politicisation of EU cultural policies

In this video, Claire talks about a meeting she recently attended that was supposed to be holding to account the proposed EU Commissioner for Innovation and Youth, Mariya Gabriel. The meeting was a joint one between two European Parliament committees, the Culture and Education committee and the Industry, Research and Energy committee. Claire explains her … Read more