A year on from Changing Politics for Good

On 29th February 2020, several hundred democrats came together in a Stockport conference centre to discuss how to build on the radical promise of Brexit. Changing Politics For Good: What Next? was organised by Claire Fox and fellow Brexit Party MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen. While campaigning to defend Brexit they had noticed that the phrase ‘Change … Read more

Is cancel culture real?

Claire took part in this debate hosted by Bright Blue, an independent British think tank and pressure group for liberal conservatism, along with Professor Rob Ford and Femi Oluwole.

It’s time for councils to step up and give a lead on care home visiting

Writing in The MJ, Claire argues that the rapid rollout of covid vaccines shows what is possible when unnecessary bureaucracy is stripped away… One common argument given by for vaccine hesitancy is: how could the jabs be developed so quickly? In response, officialdom has been forced to admit that one key reason it’s been possible … Read more