Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel, 14th November 2023

“We are normalising the racism aimed at Jews, whereas when we see a few racist thugs from the EDL, everyone feels it’s back to normal… those white football working class people, we know they’re all racist.”

Claire appeared on the GB News breakfast paper review with Norman Baker and discussed Suella Braverman’s description of pro-Palestine protests as “hate marches”, the surprise return of David Cameron to the Cabinet, the loss of anonymity for sperm donors, Nigel Farage appearing on I’m A Celebrity and reports that AI techology can predict heart attacks.

They returned to discuss Esther McVey’s appointment as ‘Common sense minister’, loopholes which allow landlords to rent out properties in ‘shameful condition’, the appointment of a transgender woman as head of an endometriosis charity and Billie Eilish’s comments on female body shaming.

In the final slot the panel covered the absence of Christmas and Easter from the National Trust’s 2024 calendars, David Cameron’s links with China and calls for tougher “hate march” laws, and “secret” sugar in coffee shop coffee.