Elitism at the Foreign Office?

“We are going through challenging times in terms of international relations, so it would be fantastic if former mandarins would put their minds to thinking about foreign policy, but instead we have a shallow and superficial demand for a rupture from the past.” Claire spoke to Michael Portillo about calls by former civil servants and … Read more

Inside the Lords on GB News

Here’s an excerpt from Claire’s discussion with Michael Heaver about recent events in the Lords. The full discussion is available on GB News Membership.

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel, 14th November 2023

“We are normalising the racism aimed at Jews, whereas when we see a few racist thugs from the EDL, everyone feels it’s back to normal… those white football working class people, we know they’re all racist.” Claire appeared on the GB News breakfast paper review with Norman Baker and discussed Suella Braverman’s description of pro-Palestine … Read more

Dewbs & Co, 11th August 2023

Claire, Paul Embery and GB News presenter Michelle Dewberry discussed the removal of migrants from the Bibby Stockholm barge for safety reasons, whether doctors should be able to strike in the midst of a cost of living crisis, proposals for a one-off wealth tax to raise money for public services, and the children’s book about … Read more