The State of Democracy Today

The Changing Politics for Good #CP4G conference was hosted by former Brexit Party MEPs for the North West, Claire Fox and Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen. It took place in Stockport on 29th February 2020. 

This hour-long session, The State of Democracy Today, features Professor Frank Furedi & Lord Maurice Glasman ‘in conversation’ with Claire Fox. The two speakers drill down into the deeper meaning of democracy and its relevance to the Brexit vote in the UK, as well as the four-year interregnum period in which Brexit voters were forced to challenge the intense demonisation of democracy. Frank Furedi discusses the central importance of free speech and the necessity of practicing a living, breathing version of democratic agency and argues democracy isn’t something simply guaranteed by institutions alone; whilst Maurice Glasman talks about the way a 30-40 year period of progressive globalisation has sought to subordinate democracy with a rights-based legal system of treaties & directives and the necessity of the restoration of true democracy.

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