‘Lockdown makes us lesser citizens’

Claire appeared on the Mike Graham show on talkRADIO and discussed the ramifications of postponing Freedom Day, mandatory vaccinations for care home workers, vaccine passports for public events, and the People’s Lockdown Inquiry, a new and independent investigation into the impacts of lockdown, compiled by the Academy of Ideas and commissioned by The Reclaim Party.

Claire on levelling up

Claire called into talkRADIO this morning to discuss the appointment of MP Neil O’Brien as government ‘levelling up advisor’, the way accusations of ‘covid denial’ have fuelled conspiracy theories, police overreach and the arrest of a street preacher in Uxbridge, and the need for courage and bold thinking as we come out of lockdown.

Claire on the Mike Graham show

Claire appeared on talkRADIO this morning to discuss the ‘eco-performativity’ involved in Extinction Rebellion ‘protests’ and draconian care home lockdown guidance, with presenter Mike Graham… Claire appears from 11 minutes in.

‘Beware of nihilistic anti-freedom forces in our midst today’

Claire joins Ian Collins of TalkRadio to discuss the growing tendency towards censorship. She highlights the Charlie Hebdo shooting as an example of when the phrase ‘I find that offensive’ led to a brutal murder, and re-affirms the importance of people being able to make fun of institutions of all flavour.