Brexit brings democratic accountability home – and that means scrutiny of the Lords too

On the historic day that Brexit became final, Claire was due to speak in the House of Lords but was culled from the speakers’ list at the last moment. She shared what she was going to say with Brexit Watch…

“…if it wasn’t for populist democratic perseverance, there wouldn’t even be a trade deal to consider. Full credit to Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party for offering voters a rescue vehicle. BECAUSE the only reason that Brexit is now a reality is due to those millions who determinedly used the ballot box time and again, piling the pressure on politicians to finally honour the referendum result.  

Voters succeeded against all odds. They were up against the highest echelons of technocratic establishment power – and many IN THIS PLACE – who really believed they had the right to overturn 17.4million votes. Who – EVEN NOW – lack the imagination to see life beyond Brussels OR to see Brexit beyond the narrow prism of a GDP spreadsheet.  

I therefore welcome that this Deal signals the anti-democrats have lost (on Brexit at least) and see it as proof that a democratic movement really can change the course of history.

Read the full speech on Brexit Watch.