Leave won because of “the steely courage of millions of voters”

Brexit Facts4EU published the text of Claire’s speech in the second House of Lords debate on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement…

“My Lords, I voted for the agreement reluctantly. I would have preferred a clean break and the time to scrutinise the small print for the myriad traps it contains.

“However, to give credit to the noble Lord, Lord Frost, this agreement does deliver sovereignty, and that matters. While many in this place sneeringly traduce sovereignty as xenophobic nationalism embraced only by knuckle-dragging gammon, it is historically and now the only basis for democratic accountability. The demos voted to remove the unelected legislature in Brussels, unanswerable to UK voters. Now that is a reality, they may look at unelected lawmakers closer to home – good…”

Read the full speech on Brexit Facts4EU or watch it on YouTube.