The war on fat

In the week the Prime Minister begins a campaign to help people lose weight after the coronavirus outbreak, Adam Boulton is joined by Claire Fox, Richard Angell and Jon Craig to assess whether the PM’s plans to ban junk food adverts before 9pm and include clearer labelling of calories on alcoholic drinks will have the … Read more

Coronavirus: The lockdown and legislation – is it enough?

Adam Boulton is by joined Claire Fox and Tamara Cohen to discuss the Prime Minister’s big announcement of a near-total lockdown as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak, but is the messaging getting through and has the government got it right so far? They examine the emergency legislation rushed through parliament to enforce government measures … Read more

Welsh (UK) election debate: respecting Welsh sovereignty

Claire joined Adam Bolton for the All Out Politics Welsh general election debate on Sky News, alongside representatives from the main parties in Wales. She profoundly criticised the remain parties, Labour in particular, for advocating a second referendum and demonising those who voted leave. Claire also highlighted the problem of trust in modern politics and … Read more

Sky News: All Out Politics podcast

With Boris Johnson losing vote after vote in the Commons, and Jeremy Corbyn disagreeing with Tom Watson on Labour’s Brexit policy, Claire joined Adam Boulton and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media to discuss what next for Brexit. Should these issues be thrashed out in the courts or are these political matters, not legal ones? Listen … Read more