Cross Question, 1st May 2024

Claire appeared on LBC’s Cross Question with presenter Iain Dale, Conservative MP David Simmonds, comedian and journalist Ava Vidal and Labour MP Sam Tarry. The panel discussed audience questions on the ‘shameful performance cruelty’ of a Home Office video about migrant detentions, the anti-war campus protests in the United States, G7 support for Israel, Labour’s … Read more

Cross Question, 27th November 2023

Claire was in the LBC studio with Jayne Ozanne, Chair of the Ban Conversion Therapy Coalition, Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, Conservative MP Richard Graham and Cross Question presenter Iain Dale. The panel discussed questions from listeners about: the prospect of a high wage-high skill economy; where our immigration policy priorities should lie; Conservative party commitments … Read more

Iain Dale All Talk

LBC’s Iain Dale talks to Claire about her life, her past in the Revolutionary Communist Party, Living Marxism, the Institute/Academy of Ideas, the Brexit Party, her time as an MEP and her membership of the House of Lords.

Tonight with Andrew Marr

Claire joined Marr and documentary maker Michael Cockerell to discuss Boris Johnson’s final appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions, his appointment of Claire and others to the Lords, and his squandering of the ‘Brexit energy’ that got him elected. Watch the discussion on LBC’s site. Claire appears at 46 mins in.

Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women

Claire was interviewed for the LBC podcast Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women. Rachel speaks with women who had to fight, resist, insist, or otherwise be badly behaved in order to get things done. Her conversation with Claire covered online censorship, ‘Generation Snowflake’, the Brexit party, Claire’s decision to accept a peerage, and the meaning of Claire’s … Read more

Cross Question with Iain Dale

Claire joined Iain Dale for his LBC show Cross Question (11 December 2019) alongside Alastair Campbell, Paul Mason and Sarah Vine to discuss the general election. Despite the guests all locking horns on issues such as the NHS, racism within British politics, and electoral reform, the debate was largely civil to the point at which … Read more