Claire on Operation Early Dawn

On Mike Graham’s talkTV show, Claire criticised emergency measures to deal with prison overcrowding and discussed the ongoing Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) scandal. “A lot of prison officers and ex-prisoners are common sense types… stop talking to NGOs and stakeholders… talk to some normal people and I bet you’d solve some of this.”

Mike Graham, 2nd May 2024

On Mike Graham’s new talkTV breakfast show, Claire discussed the civil service union’s legal challenge to the Rwanda plan, the murder of a 14-year old in Hainault, the Ireland migrant crisis, UCLA anti-war riots, the policeman charged with terror offences for sending pro-Hamas tweets, and threats by Sting and Stephen Fry to quit The Garrick … Read more

“What I’ve said on your show today could get me arrested.”

Claire spoke to talkTV’s Mike Graham about the NHS trusts signing up to a Rainbow Badge scheme which will mark them down for using words like ‘mother’, ULES and other attempts to discourage people from using their cars, and what Suella Braverman’s claim that every crime must be investigated means in an era when the … Read more