‘I celebrate this wonderful museum’

In the European Parliament, Tuesday 24 September, Claire Fox congratulates the European Parliament on the decision to allow a series of objective museum professionals and historians to decide on the content of the European house of history museum. Thus far, the EU have resisted their usual self-styled propaganda in dictating the historic content of the … Read more

This motion treats Europe and European history with disdain

In the European Parliament on Wednesday 20 September, Claire votes against the EU’s resolution for historical remembrance due to its revisionist attempts to tarnish historical facts and propagate the EU’s contemporary narrative. She claims that the motion is designed to make us feel ashamed of our European history whilst unremorsefully hijacking the horrors of the … Read more

A cynical abuse of the Second World War

In the European Parliament on Tuesday 19 September, Claire lays out her case against the cynical manipulation of historical Remembrance for clear political ends in oppose to supporting genuine commemoration. She accuses the EPP (European People’s Party) and Renew for using the historic remembrance to promote EU expansionism and federalism. She then focuses her attention … Read more

BBC Woman’s Hour on Brexit

Claire discussed Brexit with Jane Garvey, making the point that the central issue was democracy, rather than whether the economy might or might not suffer as a result of leaving the EU. She criticised the idea that Leavers didn’t know what they were voting for and stressed the importance of honouring the referendum result. She … Read more

Sky News: All Out Politics podcast

With Boris Johnson losing vote after vote in the Commons, and Jeremy Corbyn disagreeing with Tom Watson on Labour’s Brexit policy, Claire joined Adam Boulton and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media to discuss what next for Brexit. Should these issues be thrashed out in the courts or are these political matters, not legal ones? Listen … Read more

Inside the rotten heart of the EU

Claire has written for UnHerd about her experiences in the European Parliament, looking in particular at the far-from-democratic process of choosing the European Commission. She writes: While the UK Parliament was being prorogued, the European Union this week officially announced a troupe of new executive appointees to oversee us all. Appointed via the offices of the … Read more

Claire on TRT World’s The Newsmakers

Claire was one of the interviewees on TRT World, a Turkish international news channel, discussing Brexit and why there was now a democratic crisis because the referendum result has not been implemented.