Is politics over?

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) host Claire for a discussion on the current state of politics – From mass hysteria to the notion that it is even illegitimate to have a debate, why has political become so personal and does this signal an end to the traditional open polity that has long been the … Read more

The danger of right-wing extremism

In the European Parliament on Monday 21 October, Claire expressed her deepest sympathies for the Jewish victims killed in the Halle Synagogue shooting in Germany. She made clear that we should not be too simplistic when calling out acts of extreme violence. She argues that those who willingly pointing fingers at anti-Semitism being a solely … Read more

Can Free Speech Save Rational Debate?

Triggernometry host Claire and Author/Journalist Ella Whelan for a special discussion on the Battle of Ideas 2019, the recent parliamentary discussions over defamatory language, and the importance of free speech in society.

EU hypocrisy on workers’ rights and unemployment

In European Parliament on Thursday 10 October, Claire abstains from a motion about EU workers’ rights and unemployment, pointing out the bureaucratic attempts to appropriate the working classes’ historic struggle for their rights. She also points out the sheer hypocrisy of EU’s virtue signalling about workers’ rights whilst simultaneously imposing austerity and preventing member states … Read more

Nobody voted Brexit because of Russian bots

In European Parliament on Thursday 10 October, Claire challenges the EU commission head-on over a motion about Russian interference in elections which argued that British voters were “duped” by Russian bots and misinformation peddled on social media. She reaffirms her belief in the sanctity of democracy by calling these statements untrue and stating that the … Read more

Solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters and the gilets jaunes

In the European Parliament on Wednesday 8 October, Claire shows her solidarity with the ‘hundreds of heroic democracy protestors’ in Hong Kong and condemns the totalitarian efforts of the Chinese government to curtail democracy as well as their brutal treatment of the protestors.  She then goes on to criticise the EU and its hypocrisy in … Read more

An invitation to carry on insulting me and my fellow Brexiteers

“After appearing on Newsnight last week, an #FBPE-monikered keyboard warrior wrote a much liked comment above my picture that read: “Bat shit crazy, howling at the moon @brexitparty_uk  neo Nazi fascist apologist tries to blame the judiciary. Straight out of the Hitler/Goebbels Handbook. We are living in dangerous times. #stopbrexit #RevokeA50 #SaveDemocracy”. This was one … Read more

The politicisation of EU cultural policies

In this video, Claire talks about a meeting she recently attended that was supposed to be holding to account the proposed EU Commissioner for Innovation and Youth, Mariya Gabriel. The meeting was a joint one between two European Parliament committees, the Culture and Education committee and the Industry, Research and Energy committee. Claire explains her … Read more

Free speech and academic freedom

Claire asked the proposed EU Commissioner for Innovation and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, about the contradictions of the EU’s support for academic freedom while the EU restricts what material academics have access to through digital services rules. Claire also asked why funding for research and education is so often tied to promoting a sense of European … Read more