Politics Live, 13th October 2022

Pressure on the prime minister over the economy, the government’s growth policies, and Britain’s commitment to Ukraine were discussed by Jo Coburn and guests Conservative MP Bob Seely, Liberal Democrat MP Daisy Cooper, writer and environmentalist George Monbiot, and Claire Fox. Watch the programme on iPlayer.

Paper review, 11th October 2022

On the GB News breakfast show, Claire discussed the morning papers with property expert Kunle Barber and presenters Isabel Webster and Stephen Dixon. In their first slot, they covered Russia’s escalation of attacks on Ukraine, the relaxation of regulations over building affordable homes, and the Festival of Brexit. The stories when they returned were Tory … Read more

Prepare to do battle

“I wouldn’t trust what happens in the Parliamentary estate to solve our problems… Who is going to solve our problems? We are, the public.” Claire joins Andrew Doyle on Free Speech Nation to discuss what to expect from the Battle of Ideas festival.

Slogan or soundbite? Is there a lack of vision in politics?

Claire was a guest on Michael Portillo’s first GB News show. Are politicians frightened of talking in abstract terms? “Often politicians imagine that citizens and voters only think in terms of pounds and pennies and what will work, but when you talk to people… democratic accountability, sovereignty… that was what they were really interested in.”

RSE lesson content – Why parents should get to see the resources teachers are using

Curriculum changes now require staff to teach sensitive topics outside of their expertise, prompting some to turn to external agencies for resources and materials – which is why it’s only right that parents get to see what those lessons involve, asserts Claire in Teach Secondary magazine… “If you’d told me 10 years ago that in … Read more