Why as a lifelong leftie I’ve joined Team Nigel

In The Daily Mail, Claire explains her reasons for standing as a European election candidate for The Brexit Party. As a left-wing campaigner for 35 years, I’ve been arrested on picket lines, led anti-imperialist demonstrations and spoken at anti-deportation protests outside police stations. I’ve made speeches at street rallies, in prisons and universities and at … Read more

Why today’s young women are just so feeble: They can’t cope with any ideas that challenge their right-on view of the world

In the Daily Mail, Claire explains the rationale behind her book ‘I Find That Offensive!’ and the rise of a fragile and thin-skinned ‘Generation Snowflake’. Some of the girls were sobbing and hugging each other, while others shrieked. The majority appeared at the very least shell-shocked. It was distress on a scale appropriate for some … Read more