Planet Normal: The case of the Cass Report

Claire was guest ‘co-pilot’ of The Telegraph‘s Planet Normal podcast alongside regular presenter Liam Halligan. They discussed the Cass Report into children’s gender care, the prospects of the major political parties at the forthcoming general election, life inside the House of Lords, and listeners’ emails.

Our leaders are trapped in an echo chamber – no wonder they’re making such bad decisions

By closing down the public sphere, politicians have deprived themselves of their most valuable asset: the wisdom of an engaged citizenry, writes Claire in The Telegraph When MPs and Lords were sent home early last Thursday, we were put on standby. If the UK secured a deal with the EU after endless fraught negotiations, we … Read more

Planet Normal: Why the BBC is now the “woke” channel

Liam Halligan and Kate Hoey host Claire Fox on The Telegraph‘s Planet Normal Podcast to discuss the current war on history, the BBC’s metamorphosis into the mouthpiece for woke propaganda, the dangers of mandating a narrow and prescriptive view of social relations into all facets of society, and how to deal with social media backlashes.