The Evening Edition, 13th May 2025

“Rishi Sunak’s trying to say that Keir Starmer is not reliable because he flip flops and he doesn’t believe in anything, and all that you think when you listen to Rishi Sunak is neither do you.” Claire joined Times columnist Gerry Baker and Evening Edition presenter Kait Borsay discussed Rishi Sunak’s latest political relaunch, Donald … Read more

The Evening Edition, 2nd April 2024

“I don’t think the police should be the people who decide what we are allowed to say.” On Times Radio’s Evening Edition, Claire discussed the day’s news with Rosie Wright and Times leader writer Michael Binyon. Stories covered: JK Rowling’s tweets describing several transgender women as men on the day the Hate Crime and Public … Read more

The Rwanda bill won’t resolve illegal crossings

“Our lack of our control of the borders is a betrayal of national sovereignty.” In a discussion with barrister Alexander Horne and Times Radio presenter Baroness Hazarika, Claire argued that the Rwanda bill is “fooling people”, and won’t resolve the issue of illegal crossings which is a “betrayal of national sovereignty”.

Frenemies in the Lords

Claire was invited onto Times Radio as the political ‘frenemy’ of Baroness Tina Stowell. With presenter Ed Vaizey they discussed with how they became friends, the rights and wrongs of pro-Palestinian demonstrations during the Armistice weekend, and whether the Covid inquiry is focused on the right things. “What’s really dangerous about this Lockdown inquiry is … Read more

Times Radio, 11th July 2023

On Times Radio, Claire Fox, William Hague, Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell discussed allegations about an unnamed BBC presenter, the immigration debate, a report on the “anti-racist” industry in schools, and fancy dinner parties.

Hiding behind the right to protest, trying to silence others

On Times Radio, Claire joined Emily Carver and Evening Edition guest host Darryl Morris to discuss attempts to disrupt Professor Kathleen Stock’s Oxford Union talk about gender identity, the demands for Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages to be handed to the official covid inquiry, and the popularity of Penny Mordant. Listen to the full programme on … Read more