The war on fat

In the week the Prime Minister begins a campaign to help people lose weight after the coronavirus outbreak, Adam Boulton is joined by Claire Fox, Richard Angell and Jon Craig to assess whether the PM’s plans to ban junk food adverts before 9pm and include clearer labelling of calories on alcoholic drinks will have the … Read more

Planet Normal: Why the BBC is now the “woke” channel

Liam Halligan and Kate Hoey host Claire Fox on The Telegraph‘s Planet Normal Podcast to discuss the current war on history, the BBC’s metamorphosis into the mouthpiece for woke propaganda, the dangers of mandating a narrow and prescriptive view of social relations into all facets of society, and how to deal with social media backlashes.

Institute of Ideas and Arts Live: Left, Right and Covid

Isabel Hilton hosts the iai’s online discussion on the changes Covid-19 has brought to the political landscape, from right-wing governments like UK’s Conservative party spending at unprecedented levels to left-wing governments such as Sweden’s Social Democrats refusing to intervene in opposition to the traditionally anti-intervention right. The panellists include Claire Fox, Paul Mason, and Bim … Read more

Ayn Rand Centre UK: Understanding ‘Cancel Culture

The Ayn Rand Centre UK hosts their first online panel event with Razi Ginzberg in conversation with Claire Fox and Craig Biddle. The topic in discussion was the rise of tribalism, toxicity and cancel culture. Collectively do these concepts represent a sign of intolerant times and intellectual shallowness, or are they merely an attempts to … Read more

JK Rowling, 1984, and cancel culture

Vance Crowe hosts Claire on his podcast to discuss the importance of debating, George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, JK Rowling’s run-in with cancel culture, and why feminists have trouble connecting with current-day movements.

Political Dregs: Discussion with Claire Fox

Claire joined the Political Dregs team Calvin Robinson, Joel Davidson, Amir Sadjady and Hamish Hunter to discuss the left-wing case for Brexit, whether people voted for a no-deal Brexit, and the emergence of identity politics and why it should be opposed. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3