Saturday paper review on GB News

Claire and fellow guest Kevin Craig reviewed the papers on Breakfast with Stephen & Anne, discussing stories about Tory rebel plots to oust the PM, ‘gender flexible’ civil servants… …the alleged Labour-LibDem pact for the Tiverton and Wakefield by-elections, the overturn of Roe Versus Wade by the US Supreme Court, noisy London restaurants and hugging … Read more Saturday paper review on GB News

Any Questions? in Holyhead

Claire took part in the BBC’s Any Questions? at Boston Centre Stage, Holyhead, along with Conservative MP Virginia Crosbie, Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour Carolyn Harris, the Plaid Cymru MP Ben Lake and chair Chris Mason. The panel answered questions from the audience about the ethical expectations of a Prime Minister, ambulance waiting times, Boris … Read more Any Questions? in Holyhead

Battle for the soul of the Conservative party

Claire returned to the Planet Normal podcast as guest ‘co-pilot’ to help regular presenter Liam Halligan dissect the week’s judicial jousting and performative politics. Topics discussed include: the identity crisis of the Conservative party, the European Court of Human Rights intervening to stop the deportation of migrants to Rwanda, the attitude of the EU to … Read more Battle for the soul of the Conservative party