Free Speech Nation: The Podcast

Claire was the latest guest on Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech News podcast, and discussed why she set up the Battle of Ideas festival, the dangers of lazy woke/anti-woke caricatures, post-Brexit political discourse, and the reasons she accepted a position in the House of Lords. The Battle of Ideas takes place at Church House in Westminster … Read more Free Speech Nation: The Podcast

Teeny gains for Labour

Claire Fox stepped in as guest co-host of the latest episode of the Planet Normal podcast this week. Claire and regular presenter Liam Halligan discussed the Labour party conference, Kier Starmer’s conference speech, Angela Rayner’s ‘scum’ comment, guest Robert Peston’s first novel and the Battle of Ideas festival taking place in Westminster on 9th and … Read more Teeny gains for Labour

Woke ‘sense and sensibilities’ replace reason and logic

Claire joined Dr Tanveer Ahmed, author of Fragile Nation, for a wide-ranging and nuanced discussion with Glenn Fahey of the Centre for Independent Studies, which explored the concept of ‘the snowflake generation’ and the profound implications of recent changes in how society understands what constitutes ‘bullying’.